when i just had Royce i got a brand new maclaren volo for him. when i had Evelyn, we tried a few double stroller, we got jeep umbrella one then i gave it away, we got a jogging stroller, but it's too huge and heavy, so we returned it. we borrowed a sit n stand stroller from another mom, but it's too hard to turn and control, so i got a used motherhood side by side stroller(it's a faked maclaren double techno), we used it for a while, but it broke last week when i was pushing Royce n Evelyn, i was so shocked!!! i never know this can happened. so i got a real maclaren twin techno with lifetime warrenty. it's kind of big and heavy than the motherhood one, and the seats are a little bit narrow, but it is really sturdy. and it comes with 2 built-in cup holders. i like it a lot!

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