x there will be blood
x sweeney todd
x american gangster
x no country for old man
the kite runner
la vie en rose
the other bolyn girl
i haven't finished all of them, so far
the best movie i saw is THERE WILL BE BLOOD

when i was in taipei, i was watching movies alone in the morning at ximen tin almost everyday.
most of them were from europe, those movies make me think a lot, they are more human than american movies.
after moving to states and having kids, i have less chance to watch european movies, although some will be released in states after 1.5-2 years.

a year ago, rodney got a good deal from blockbuster($18/ month, almost unlimited), so we watch all kinds of movies as many as we can. it's really great for me to watch movies like before again. but i have to watch with rodney, and we have totally different taste, this is one of the sacrifice for being married. but so far so good, we compromise for each other, sometimes we see "weed"(independent)movies, sometimes we see entertainment movies.

i don't like to criticize movies, i think they all have their own point.
to me, i hate predictable movies, it's time-wasting.
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