last sunday, i was buying diaper on,
and i found this great deal from it also.
it's 53% off so i got it for $150, free shipping, no tax.
after i placed the order, it sold out in 1 min.
cause this deal was on the front page of
from now on, i'll save more times and energy to make any cakes or muffins.
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  • 沙非
  • 哦,看來妳找到一項價廉物美的好商品了!(掌聲鼓勵鼓勵)

  • it still sits in the box, cause the mixer looks so complicated. when i have clear mind, i'll try to figure it out. i am haveing really bad memory recently cause of the pregnancy, if i try to use it right now i might break it.

    roycesmom 於 2008/04/02 00:15 回覆

  • icecutey
  • 好好喔....
  • but it's pain in the ass to clean the whole thing, i think for small portion of dessert, hand mix is better. just check all the time. you'll find something very cheap. i think kitchenaid mixer usually have a crazy sale once a year.

    roycesmom 於 2008/04/18 09:06 回覆