i fall in love with this baby cloths brand recently.
their baby girls clothes are soooooooo cute;
boys clothes are so gay, too cute for boys.
the quility is pretty good too.
but it's really expensive for me.
i bought some cute clothes and shoes during their semi-annual sale,
$1-5 per piece.

back then when i just have royce, we were so poor,
i only bought the cheap shit for him once in a while,
and most of his clothes were from other people.
now i buy royce's clothes at target, shoes at old navy or gap
when they have clearance, they're cheap, practical and washable.

girls clothes are so different, you can find any cutest thing from head to toes,
a live baby doll is coming, i am going to dress her up the way i want, hahaha~

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  • angelet
  • i like gymboree too !
    can't agree you more! : )

    I also buy clothes at Old Navy.
    I think it is a good deal. The clothes are not that bad comparing to the prices.
  • icecutey
  • 你真好,有一個boy和girl,
  • thanks. i wish i can fit my older clothes after this one asap, i am so huge now...

    roycesmom 於 2008/02/14 08:13 回覆

  • mei
  • I like gymboree too !