• Nov 09 Fri 2007 07:34
  • target

i like shopping at target a lot.
especially, when they have 75-90% off.
i bought 2 big vine pumpkins with light bulbs.($20,$3 each) and a pretty orange berry wreath($20,$5) for next halloween.
too bad i couldn't find any cool costume for royce.
oh, and a spider candy bag($3,$0.30).

hope i can get some crazy deal for next christmas too.
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  • icecutey
  • 這麼說來我一定也得要去找找有什麼好康的,
    就是一本 10 cent的筆記本
  • today i found a $60 wreath(i saw it before) without tag in clearance area, and i asked the cashier how much is it, he told me to name a price, just over 99 cents, i was shocked. then he said, how about $2, i said sure. that's like a free for me. that's why i like target the best.

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